abusSTAR EMIS for Caribbean Schools

Information Can Make a Difference!

Tailor made for Caribbean Education System, abusSTAR now makes it easier for Ministries of Education to report on schools and student performance accurately and timely. Always accessible online, the system provides a convenient and efficient workflow for educators, allowing continuous performance assessment and instant report generation.

The primary source of Education Statistics is the data collected by the teacher each day at the school. abusSTAR manages student performance daily, providing a convenient compilation of statistical information covering the broad field of education programs, from primary through secondary schools. This data provides the Ministry with information from individual schools and aggregates the data for all schools to meet the requirements for the Statistical Digest.

We reduce the paper processing of schools and students’ performance tracking information.

abusSTAR Works

abusSTAR, [EMIS] provides the continuous assessment of student academic and non-academic activities across multiple school years. It enables schools to manage the administrative tasks of daily school life with significantly expanded data collection for analysis, reporting, control, and management for schools and Ministries of Education and is economically priced. Delivered as a Service [Software as a Service] on a Wide Area Network (WAN), or the Web, there is no additional equipment to purchase.
We work with Ministries of Education and private institutions on the deployment of the abusSTAR Education Management System [EMIS], providing each school with a Web Site, linking them to the community, while seamlessly providing the data to the Ministry’s portal. We optimize the benefits of having the EMIS application deployed to all schools and work to minimize the start up cost. To this end, we are prepared to deploy a pilot application to a school to demonstrate the capability and to localize the application for the country.

We welcome the opportunity to meet and present how abusSTAR can have a positive impact on you eduction program. With the expansion of the Education Revolution, abusSTAR will also greatly enhance the efficacy of the teacher in the classroom in schools, and the Ministry’s access to the student’s performance across all Schools, Primary Secondary, and Tertiary Education. The movement of people around the Caribbean is also a significant factor in considering abusSTAR, making it easy for parents to keep in touch with the child’s performance even when traveling.

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